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Dec 22, 2023



Pregnant with TCM after failed 3 times IVF.

Sep 11, 2023
Getting pregnant naturally after multiple failed IVF cycles, is most people’s dream. But for many people it sadly doesn’t happen like that. The most common reason people struggle to get pregnant naturally or with IVF, is because the real root cause of their fertility health imbalance is not being addressed. Once you find your root cause, and you rebalance it naturally, your chances of getting pregnant naturally or with IVF increase significantly.
Before coming to see me LXY had 3 failed IVF cycles, Progesterone issues, Luteal phase deficiency, irregular cycles, and the removal of one of her fallopian tubes - before she got pregnant naturally on our herbal medication program at aged 39.
Ms. LXY, 39 years old had been trying to conceive (TTC) for 4 years. She had done 3 stimulation IVF cycles and transfer 6 times and none of them successful.
Western Medicine + General Diagnosis Before Treatment:
3 IVF stimulation cycles collected 10 to 13 each time, 6 transfers of blastocysts – none implanted. 
One fallopian tube removed due to a hydrosalpinx.
Low luteal phase Progesterone level, Luteal Phase deficiency.
Erratic BBT chart temperatures.
Irregular ovulation.
Irregular cycles of 22-33 days (this is called: “sometimes early, sometimes late” in Chinese medicine and shows a particular type of imbalance).
Never pregnant before.
Western Medicine Diagnosis of Husband:
No known health issues and no concerns with sperm health.
Western Medicine Suggested Treatment:
IVF as many times as they can afford to do.
If not successful, then egg donation in the future.
What They Tried Before our Chinese medicine help:
Over the entire duration of TTC before coming to us, she worked on diet, supplements, lifestyle changes, mindset, and emotional support. She felt that her physical health was good as she couldn’t find anything else that might be wrong.
She felt well in herself but was stressed about not getting pregnant and her husband was starting to think they maybe continue their live childless. The stress from both their parents and relative is mounting and they starting to avoid going to family gathering just to avoid having to face those questions “When are you going to have baby?”
This is when they decided to come see us for Traditional Chinese Medicine, since they have their best in IVF treatment and still have not get them anywhere. 
From the FREE consultation we found out that she only have one fallopian tube, irregular cycles, irregular ovulation, erratic BBT temps and low progesterone levels – we needed to find the root of her health balance – for a natural or future IVF pregnancy to become possible.
1. Reviewed their medical test results to see what was presenting itself physically and medically.
We found some issues with her blood quality and circulation, and a lack of Progesterone too. The blood quality issue was reflected in the irregular ovulation and cycle length, and in the Progesterone deficiency. The blood circulation issue was also reflected in her hormone balance, as the Progesterone deficiency created a type of relative estrogen excess.
This lack of blood quality and circulation could also cause a potential lack of support and nourishment of her eggs, which would likely decrease her egg quality.
2. Assessed their health with a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, to find the underlying health balance for each of them.
Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis is about assessing your body from a natural perspective that is different to the western medical approach. This is to look for any underlying patterns of imbalance in your body – to find the root cause of why pregnancy isn’t happening.
Her husband had some Qi (energy) deficiency issues that were affecting his fertility as well.
For Ms. LXY we confirmed the root cause of her health issues:
Qi deficiency – a lack of strong energy and metabolism
Dampness – retention of fluids in the body
Yang deficiency – a lack of warmth
Blood deficiency – poor quality of blood
Blood stagnation – poor circulation of blood
These patterns presented as a combined complex presentation, which is common with fertility issues.
Let’s look at each one in a little more depth.
Qi Deficiency and Dampness:
Qi (energy) deficiency presented itself with too little energy for her body to function at the level at which it should. Interestingly she never felt tired but was instead very active every day. A lack of energy meant that her body was unable to properly break down food, absorb nutrients and create new energy in an ongoing cycle. The lack of energy was also causing a build-up of fluids in her body (Dampness), as Qi is needed to properly detoxify and keep the circulation of fluids regulated.
Low energy = poor circulation.
Poor circulation = accumulation of fluids.
Accumulation of fluids = obstruction of normal processes and pathways of the body, including the fallopian tubes where the eggs travel to the uterus.
A lack of Qi is known as a ‘hypo’ situation in western medicine – a situation of underactivity of the body where your body becomes less able to fulfil its normal functions. When this happens, getting pregnant takes second place over your general health and well-being, as there is not enough energy for everything to work at its optimum level.
When fluid builds up in the fallopian tubes they can obstruct the movement of eggs, alter hormone levels, and affect the other areas of the reproductive system such as the uterus and ovaries – obstructing ovulation and implantation.
Dampness is fluid and waste accumulation that collects in the body over time, and it is always problematic to good health.
Blood Deficiency and Blood Stagnation:
As her Qi was weak it interfered with her ability to make healthy red blood cells, and her blood quality decreased. Once her blood quality reduced it was unable to circulate properly, which also contributed to the accumulation of fluids (Dampness) in the fallopian tube.
Circulation of the blood is directly linked to blood quality in Chinese medicine. Her poor blood quality created poor blood circulation that presented with a clotted menstrual flow that was dark in colour.
These 2 simple symptoms showed us that circulation in the reproductive area was poor, and that this would impact the circulation of all fluids including those around the fallopian tubes.
Poor blood flow is a common presentation in fallopian tube issues, particularly with accumulation of fluids.
When treating this it’s important to know that you can’t only increase blood flow, as the blood flow issue is mostly due to poor blood quality. Blood quality must therefore be improved at the same time as increasing circulation. If you only increase blood circulation, you will further weaken the blood and the situation gets worse.
Another aspect of poor blood quality, and circulation, is the negative impact on egg health. If the blood is weak, it can’t carry the right level of nutrients, and so the eggs are not properly or fully nourished. Over time this weakens the eggs and reduces their quality. The same is true for sperm health.
Yang Deficiency and Low Progesterone:
Ms LXY body also showed signs of coldness, which indicated a Yang deficiency (lack of warmth). The strength of our Yang is directly related to our ability to produce the warming hormone, Progesterone.
Low Progesterone levels usually present from a deep and long-term lack of Qi and Blood, which weakens the Kidney adrenal glands and ovaries – causing a reduction of progesterone after you ovulate.
Once we had the western medicine diagnosis, and the Chinese medicine root cause understood, we had our complete diagnosis.
We were then able to use this as a basis for deciding on how to effectively treat her and restore her fertility health.
So next was to continue trying to get pregnant naturally, whilst working on her health with traditional Chinese Medicine – to prepare for a natural pregnancy within 4 months.
Treatment: Herbal Medicine prescriptions were personally created for each stage of her menstrual cycle. This was to strengthen her Qi and Blood quality and increase blood circulation, whilst also working to strengthen her Yang and reduce her Dampness.
Lifestyle and diet were altered to support the herbal medicine treatment with a particular focus on foods for strengthening her Qi and clearing Dampness. We cleaned up her diet and removed all processed and flour-based foods along with alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and dairy. We increased her green vegetable and root vegetable intake too – making sure to get the balance of these right so that we didn’t aggravate the Dampness. Gradually we rebuilt her Qi reserves and blood quality and worked to increase circulation whilst removing the dampness and waste.
Lifestyle: We worked through key areas of activity versus rest and rejuvenation, that could support her Qi and strengthen it. This was interesting as she didn’t feel tired, and so some extra focus was put on getting to bed earlier and not overworking.
Back-up plan was decided that if they reached this stage, they would immediately progress to an IVF cycle with her eggs, while continuing the traditional Chinese medicine.
The idea was that after having spent 9-months optimising her health and preparing for pregnancy, she would have a much better foundation for a possible IVF cycle.
Having an IVF preparation time would help with egg quality, future embryo development, and optimising implantation of a healthy IVF embryo.
Good news…
After 9 months on the program, on the 7th December, we got a WhatsApp message telling us she was pregnant naturally!
We continued to support her with Herbal Medicine, Diet and Lifestyle support throughout the entire pregnancy – to reduce miscarriage and give her the best foundation for the pregnancy.
She gave birth to a healthy baby at 39 years old.
Some personal words from Ms. LXY:
“One week later my period still hadn’t arrived – I was pregnant naturally!!
What a shock and surprise we had. Just weeks before starting IVF we had finally done it!
I continued Golden Gate Fertility Centre support through the pregnancy until week 39.
Dr Khoo and Dr Isaiah was always in the background to answer questions, offer guidance, and help if I needed anything throughout the whole pregnancy.
39 weeks later my beautiful baby S. was born!
Needless to say, my husband has changed his mind about traditional Chinese medicine treatment!
We are forever grateful to Golden Gate Fertility Centre for all the support and love during this journey. Thank you.”

Congratulation to another successful couple.

Jul 31, 2023
Congratulation to another successful couple.
Every journey to pregnancy is unique and deeply personal. We are profoundly moved and inspired by these couples who persist unwaveringly in their efforts to conceive. Your tenacity is admirable and you both truly deserve the joy that comes with it.

You are our inspiration and motivation.

Jul 27, 2023
You are our inspiration and motivation.
It is truly inspiring and rewarding to witness the joy and fulfillment of our patients, who now enjoy thriving and complete families. Their frequent visits serve as a profound source of motivation, driving us forward, even when exhaustion threatens to take over. The delight we experience from their progress revitalizes our spirits at the end of each demanding day. You, our patients, truly illuminate our workdays. We eagerly anticipate witnessing your continuous growth towards a healthy and prosperous life. Your journey encourages us to strive for excellence in our service.

Another successful case combine both Traditional Chinese Medicine & IVF

Jul 27, 2023
Another successful case combine both Traditional Chinese Medicine & IVF
Congratulations to both of you! Your perseverance and dedication have paid off. If you're a couple facing challenges in conceiving and starting a family, we are here to offer support. Feel free to reach out to us for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation, taking the first step towards achieving your dream of parenthood. #FertilitySupport #ParenthoodJourney #FreeConsultation

Chinese Herbal Medicine proven to treat subfertility

Mar 4, 2023
Subfertility is a stressful condition that affected many couples, emotionally and well being. There is no much choices after failure in IVF treatment, especially for women who have poor egg quality or diminished ovarian reserve, usually the recommendation to them are using donor eggs. One major factor contributing to diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) and reduce egg quality is aging, delayed marriage and delay to have family.
In the last decades, clinical studies and numerous research done in university hospital have shown that Chinese herbal medicine can regulate gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)and ovarian sex hormones to induce  ovulation and promote blood flow to ovaries to improve ovarian reserve. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is unique as it applied formula with multiple herbs that are capable of improving endocrine and reproductive disorders.
According to research and observation done by The Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Suzhou Wuzhong People’s Hospital, and University of Technology Sydney, NSW, after just 12 weeks of treatment with TCM, the evidence is clear that it improves menstrual cycle, and improves hormones levels suggesting that the quality of oocyte and function of corpus luteum improved significantly.
TCM target underlying causes of subfertility simultaneously, such as poor oocyte (egg) quality, endocrine functions, uterine environment and uterine lining. TCM is base on balance of Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood circulation perspective. In tandem with modern medical science, ovarian function is restored through improving blood circulation to reproductive organs, regulating hormone secretion,  reducing systemic inflammation and anti-tumour effect.
In Golden Gate Fertility Centre, we have over 40 years of combine clinical experience in fertility treatment and over 3000 couples have successfully become parents under our treatment. For more information please do not hesitate to WhatsApp 0123658478

How to improve sperm quality?

Dec 18, 2022
How to improve sperm quality?

Sperm quality is dropping for the past 20 years. The latest standard for normal sperm quality by WHO is lower than previous before. There is a lot of factors can affect and reduce sperm quality, ranging from lifestyle, diseases to medication.


50% of the infertile couple are complicated by male infertility factors as well. This is a very big problem. Without solving male factor and only concentrating on female factors only is a waste of effort, time and money. Imaging that the women is healthy to get pregnant after treatment but only later that we found out the men suffer from poor sperm quality and not yet been treated, now, we have to treat the men. So there is a waste of time and delay.


This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine and its healing methods can help increase the chance of conceiving a child. In most cases, both parties are recommended to receive treatment to improve their body constitution.


Various possible causes for not conceiving a child include:

Kidney Deficiencies (Hormonal Imbalances):

In TCM, the kidneys refer to the ‘congenital constitution’ inherited from parents since birth, which is vital for growth, energy production and reproduction. It is similar to what is known today as genetic and hormonal factors. Energy from the kidney peaks around the reproductive ages of 25-30, however, it gradually depletes as an individual grows older due to various environmental and lifestyle factors.


Emotional Stress:

The function of the liver in TCM is to regulate emotions and ensure smooth flow of blood and energy in the body. When under a high level of stress, these functions are disrupted and blood circulation is affected.


Phlegm Stagnation:

Frequent consumption of raw, cold and spicy food adversely affects the digestive system. This often results in the production of ‘phlegm’ and ‘dampness’ in the body. The accumulation of these secretions in the body negatively impacts fertility.


Blood Stasis:

Irregular menstrual cycles and uterine cysts may be possible causes for infertility. This is often caused by blood stasis in the ovaries and womb.


Acupuncture and herbal medication are frequently used in accordance to the individual's condition. TCM helps patient as a whole, to:

  1. Improve blood circulation
  2. Reduce stress level
  3. Improve sleeping quality
  4. Improve hormone balance
  5. Regulate menstrual cycle
  6. Regulate ovulation
  7. Improve egg quality
  8. Strengthen uterus
  9. Improve endometrium lining and implantation ability
  10. Improve IUI/IVF success
  11. Improve sperm quality


At Golden Gate Fertility Centre, we have 30 year's clinic experience in treating male and female fertility issue. Many couples successfully conceived with our help after failed multiple IVF treatment cycle. Our medication able to improve sperm quality in all aspect of parameter such as motility, morphology, quantity, concentration, and vitality. All these are back up and proven by our clinical data and other independent lab's analysis and result. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also visit our clinic for FREE CONSULTATION. 

YouTube introduction of ManPro and LadyPro products 

How Chinese medicine herb help improve fertility and chances of getting pregnant?

Aug 21, 2021
How Chinese medicine herb help improve fertility and chances of getting pregnant?
Since 1995, Golden Gate Fertility Centre has been supporting couples with fertility problems (difficulty in achieving pregnancy naturally, failed IVF/IUI treatments). Our physicians use herbal medications and acupuncture to helps women and men that face such debilitating disease to achieve pregnancy.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses a holistic approach to treat diseases, same for subfertility. Our body consist of complex ecosystems that depend on each, any disruption to one system will cause problem in another system, and this disruption will need to be reverse to normal (or to near normal). These systems need to work together seamlessly to create the optimum condition for pregnancy and lead to delivery of healthy baby.

About 1 in 7 couple have fertility issue, and it is a difficulty news to accept especially when couples have desire to build a complete family together. Infertility can be cause by many different things, most of the time there can be combination of causes, rarely a single cause. Common causes of infertility in women includes PCOS, endometriosis, fibroid, pelvic inflammatory disease, scaring from surgery, thyroid problems, premature ovarian failure, diminishing ovarian reserve. About 1 in 4 couples facing infertility unable to find the cause of it even after extensive time and money spent on all investigation, and they end up with disappointment and resentment.

TCM theory do not rebuke the causes listed above, instead, have different and complementary view on top of the causes listed above, especially for those couple where causes of infertility cannot be identified. Energy (Qi), blood (Xie), Ying and Yang are the essence of TCM theory, they are important factors and need to be in perfect harmony with each other for body to function healthily. Liver, Kidney and Spleen are closely related to fertility functions and fertility hormones. It is crucial to find out the exact problem, then with herbal medicine, we can address the root cause of the problems. The herbs can restore the functions of Qi, Xie, Ying and Yang to previously normal (or near-normal) state, naturally, a women ability to conceive will be restore. Talk to our TCM physician to find out more.  

There are also several factors that can affect fertility, these include:
Age – fertility declines with age. Do not delay in seeking medical advice when you can’t achieve pregnancy after 1 years trying to get pregnant, time don’t wait for you.

Weight – overweight or BMI over 30 will reduces fertility. In women, being overweight or severely underweight can affect ovulation.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) – several STIs, including chlamydia, can cause structural damage to the fertility organs such as fallopian tubes. It can negatively affect fertility potential.

Smoking – smoking (including passive smoking) can reduce chance of conceiving and can reduce semen quality.

Alcohol – the safest approach is not to drink alcohol at all to keep risks to your baby to a minimum. Drinking too much alcohol can also affect the quality of sperm.

Environmental factors – exposure to certain pesticides, solvents and metals has been shown to affect fertility, particularly in men.

Stress – Stress is one of a major risk factor we often underestimate. It can reduce the potential to conceive. This is especially true when most women have a busy schedule and is further worsen by the stress of trying to get pregnant. Excessive worrying and excessive exercise can cause hormone imbalance in severe cases it can even affect ovulation and sperm production. It can affect your relationship with your partner and cause a loss of sex drive. A but of Qi Gong, yoga or meditation may help.

Since 1995, we have help more than 2000 couples of all types of condition to achieve pregnancies and delivered healthy babies. The combination of herbal medicine with acupuncture increases your chances of conceiving, but conceiving is only the beginning, keeping your body healthy while your baby is in your womb is important to prevent miscarriage or preterm birth. Do not hesitate to come for our FREE consultation, we will try our best to help you.

Do subscribe to our newsletter for most up-to-date infomation about TCM in fertility treatment. 

中医能帮助 PCOS 吗 ?

Aug 2, 2021
中医能帮助 PCOS 吗 ?

中医能帮助 PCOS 吗?


多囊卵巢综合症(PCOS)是女性常见的内分泌失调症之一,影响近10%的女性。''poly''的意思是''许多''''cyst''是指''含有液体的囊''''syndrome''意味着一组相关的症状。  患者通常是在门诊月经失调,月经延迟或不孕时偶然发现 PCOS的。
患有 PCOS 的妇女可能有或可能没有症状,并且可能不同时出现所有症状。同样重要的是,超重或肥胖的妇女更有可能有PCOS,而PCOS也有可能发生在正常体重的妇女身上。以下是 PCOS 的症状
       -  月经失调,子宫出血异常。
       -  女性多毛症 - 多毛症是指女性雄激素依赖性区域毛发过度生长、变粗、变黑。
医生也能从超声看到卵巢多囊样改变。血液调查也能显示高雄激素血症 和高LH激素。
PCOS 的诊断基于 Rotterdam criteriaPCOS 也经常与糖尿病、高胆固醇和心脏病相关。
对于那些不孕不育的PCOS 病患者,中医能够改善卵巢活动,子宫血流和支持排卵受精。这由:

  1. 改善肾与性功能功能。

  2. 去除 体内多余的湿。

  3. 改善气血 循环并消除多余的潮湿。

超重或肥胖的PCOS患者, 往往有更多的 潮湿 存在。 结合健康的饮食和生活方式还有中医 的治疗,可以改善PCOS状况,帮助身体恢复接近正常的内分泌功能。
精神压力也是导致荷尔蒙失调的一个重要的因素, 针灸有助于放松身心,改善神经系统。针灸在全世界越来越受欢迎,特别是在生育治疗方面。欧洲许多的生育专家正在使用针灸来提高试管婴儿治疗的成功率。针灸可以疏通体内的经络,改善气血、能量和血液循环,从而在这个过程中提高生育能力。据报道,每周针灸会比偶尔的断断续续治疗更好地提高生育功能,这代表着治疗就像运动一样,要看到它的效果是需要持久和坚持的努力。
如果您怀疑或已被诊断患有 PCOS,请与您的医生交谈,了解您有什么西医选择,同时也与我们的医生讨论您的中医治疗方案来更加的一高您的怀孕率。


Jul 22, 2021
针灸还可能对男性不孕不育也有帮助。定期针灸治疗已经显示能够增加那些有生育问题的男性的精子数量(sperm count)、提高他们的精子活力即精子的游走能力motility),不过效果并非总能那么显著。要想通过自然方式提高怀孕概率,针灸治疗需要把男性的精子数量提高到满足受孕的水平,这就意味着男性每次至少要射出1000~1200万个有活力的精子。

Paulus WE, Zhang M, Strehler E, El-Danasouri I, Sterzik K. Influence of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo assisted reproduction therapy. Fertil Steril. 2002 Apr;77(4):721-4. doi: 10.1016/s0015-0282(01)03273-3. PMID: 11937123.

蒲种良专治疗男女不孕症- Fertility Centre Puchong

Mar 29, 2019
蒲种良专治疗男女不孕症- Fertility Centre Puchong
Thank you Dr Khoo, you help us to achieve our goal: baby, joy, happiness and a complete and perfect marriage life , once again thank you very much! 
If you need help please WhatsApp Dr Khoo 0123658478, he will help you to fulfill your dream.

蒲种中医治疗男女不孕症- Fertility Centre Puchong

Mar 27, 2019
蒲种中医治疗男女不孕症- Fertility Centre Puchong
One more baby is born , congratulations to the parents start to have their exciting marriage life and family life. 
Do you want to have a baby for your own ? WhatsApp me Dr Khoo 0123658478 I will helps you to fulfill your dreams.